All you need to know about terrorizing people over cartoons is in this South Park clip

Or would that be some bullshitty copyright thing too?

FYI nearly all the episodes of South Park on are on Hulu Plus, which you can get a free week of.

But I think that particular episode isn’t on there…
“In April 2010 the season five episode “Super Best Friends” and the season fourteen episodes “200”, and “201” were removed from the site, additionally these episodes no longer air in reruns and are only available exclusively on DVD. These episodes remain unavailable following the 2014 purchase by Hulu.”

So in this case I’d advise you to find it on DVD or through… other… means.

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fair use is dead

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No, just think about what could happen. Someone could decide to write 15,000 consecutive articles analyzing all episodes of South Park in 30 second increments, and then accompany them with 15,000 consecutive 30 second clips of the shows.

Because it could happen, Viacom must assume that someone is currently planning to do this, and they also must assume there are a sizeable number of potential customers willing to watch TV shows in 30 second increments, with each 30 second bit separated by the same 15 second advertisement for GEICO.

As a marketing professor, I’m willing to accept the possibility that this consumer segment exists, however I do disagree with Viacom’s assessment of its size and the resulting potential loss of sales. Because it is available on Hulu, it is clear that Viacom stands to lose at least $7.99 and possibly as much as $31.96

That’s easily worth a little bit of bad publicity, don’t you think?

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Trudat. Protip peeps: allsp

also, overtonewiz’s link has 'em too.

I hope Viacom has fun sending takedowns to a .ch (Switzerland) domain - since copyright infringement for private use is protected there. Plus allsp, and all these streaming places’ modi operandi is to simply up a new copy every time one is taken down. Whack-a-mole don’t work so well with the slow-turning gears of bureaucracy.

Edit: there’s also a copy on kickass that is labelled as uncensored and had ~60 seeds. You fucking tools at Viacom gonna learn: people will take what they want - especially if you’re a dick about takedowns.

@James_Mason Nope, because people like me revel in making a mockery of their attempts and any like them. Metallica have a couple of songs I like, but I find the majority of their music to be trite garbage. The day they sued napster I downloaded their discography on napster and shared it on napster because they need to learn: those who are going to take will take. Those who are going to buy will buy. In China they sell legitimate copies of movies for a couple of bucks because otherwise people will pirate. If they can make a profit at a couple of bucks retail then us consumers in the west are being fucked over, just because they can. I refuse to participate.


Every time I pay for a movie and have to sit through “You wouldn’t steal a car…”, I give myself a free movie ticket. And just because Viacom removed a clip of a South Park episode I never had ANY interest in watching outside of its culture relevancy to the Charlie Hebdo, uh, ‘incident’, I went ahead over to and watched three full episodes. Total actual loss to Viacom: $0.


I tried watching the episode on the allsp site, but there were too many popup screens and ads and redirection and such nonsense. And then it wanted me to sign up / log in, and it didn’t like my browser or somethng. So to heck with it. Had to just close the tab.

But, watching the 3 episodes on hmastuff, it ocurred to me that it may not have been the religious icons they insulted; it may perhaps have been Babs, the giant mechazoid.

Hilariously, in case you missed it, the music in that anti-piracy ad was pirated.,piracy-advert-used-stolen-music.aspx

Also, this title graphic on that page is pretty funny:

Every time I see that stupid ad I think “I would make a duplicate of a car if I could”.


Haha yeah, those streaming places are a shitfight of ads… which is why you need Adblock Plus, and why I usually just torrent. If you accidentally click on an ad you’ll end up somewhere where they ask you to sign up, but allsp and watchseries will both let you watch eps without any signing up - their business model is advertising dollars from page impressions so if they don’t offer the actual thing people are looking for they’ll eventually run out of impressions as people realise they’re bs.

IRT sp - the issue was most definitely the religious shit. I remember Trey and Matt being fucking pissed that comedy central wouldn’t show it uncensored and IIRC they released it online somewhere in protest? Also, Streisand is a favoured target of their ridicule… they weren’t scared of her lawsuits.

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There will be time when people will be doing just that, and there will be crackdown on them. And people will keep doing that anyway.

The hmastuff version is censored – dialog beeped out during explanations of the fact that the only way to keep from being made fun of is to threaten violence. Haven’t gotten the other one to work yet.

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Ha… not sure why he’s put that version up as it kinda defeats the purpose. I got this one and can confirm that this copy does include the final speech telling us that all we need for people to stop making fun of us is guns and bombs:

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