People who document evidence of violent extremism are being shut down in Youtube's crackdown on violent extremism

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I believe many of the proponents of automated content moderation wouldn’t see a problem to be solved. This is exactly what they intended, wanted, hoped for and desired.


Welcome to 1984. Again.

Anti-Semitism is going epidemic. Closet Nazis would be lusting for YouTube jobs to protect their bloodthirsty fellows.

Our forces at Normandy did not fight and die so that Nazis could run a stealth takeover of the Internet.


Maybe Youtube is past its sell date. Surely these videos could be posted elsewhere. Maybe we need a progressive hosting website for just this kind of thing. Call it ourtube or lefttube or something.

Publiishers like Google are always going to get it wrong. They’re no better than the newspapers and networks. We are a long way from the public posting board days.


I’m not sure if youtube really cares about both-sideism or even have a political agenda.
It feels like it is just not good for monetization.
Since big brands don’t want to be associated with those kind “violent” contents (not sure if it really makes the ads less effective or just some status playing), youtube just remove it all.
And then, they don’t even need to say that it was removed because it was not profitable enough to keep hosting them.


Maybe Youtube is past its sell date.

I’m not sure about it.
I think youtube will keep working for those trendy videos, but it will keep deleting what it just as not profitable enough.
And the the main problem is to try to have those super-plataforms to host everything, without thinking if they can/should host it all with just one business model for everything.

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Jesus, it’s like responding to the law that prevents serial killers from profiting from their crimes by burning all books about serial killers.


Is the answer PornHub?


I think your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents who fought there successfully prevented the Nazis from taking over.

It feels like the current neofascists branding themselves as alt-right are a successful US export, not a Nazi import.


Running a massive video site is incredibly expensive in a lot of very real, material ways. I’m all for the idea of getting away from YT, or at least pressuring them to improve, but…it’s an order of magnitude more difficult than even making your own social media site.


I used to think it was viable, that YouTube wasn’t really a monopoly, then I watched this video:

From 5:20:

“YouTube is very successful … If you try to simply recreate YouTube, who are your users going to be? … it’s going to be the people that were too toxic for YouTube”


Of course this is how it plays out. They’re a company. They want to make money. They don’t want to have to care about anything else, and they want all you stupid little people and your drama to get out of the way and stop complicating the process of making money by foolishly caring about anything else.

It’s the same reason you’re more likely to get punished as the victim of a toxic workplace than as the perpetrator of one. By objecting to your own abuse you’re the one causing problems.


Youtube’s letters to Fischer say that his videos were “carefully reviewed” by a “team of policy specialists” and found to be in violation


They provided a useful distraction so that the Red Army could finish getting the job done.

Not so different from last time.


I know where you are coming from, and some facts can be interpreted to a narrative in which both statements are true.

However, for the sake of the argument I made, I take the posters viewpoint, which is the US defeated the Nazis.

(To clarify my own position: I would think that none of the allied forces alone would have liberated Europe from Germany, and both Stalingrad and the allied landing in the Normandy are important turning points. I would also think your description as “useful distraction” downplays the importance of the invasion. At the same time, I think the war effectively was won in the east, by the Soviets, under losses which I can’t even comprehend.)


And a pivotal part of that victory was supplied by the USA through the most dangerous convoy route in the war, Lend Lease Studebaker trucks. Turning the Red Army into a far more mechanized force than their Nazi counterparts.

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Actually, granddad (Pappaw in this part of the world) was out in the South Pacific building airstrips and roads with the Seabees.

It was great-granddad who fought the Germans, but in WW1.

Consider yourself forgiven. Thank you.

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I’d rather have thought that both US and Nazi racism have some common roots in 19th century race theories, rather than the former being a direct blueprint for the latter. But thanks for the reading recommendation. I’m still only 1/3 through this one, and it’s quite a shocker.

There were local influences as well, of course, but Hitler specifically calls out America as an inspiration in Mein Kampf.

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