South Park jabs Harvey as one to "victimize innocent people and poop in little girls' mouths"

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I hope this is one of those South Park episodes that we can look back on as “So weird that stuff like this used to happen”, not one of those where “Oh god we were so innocent then” is the case.


Man I wish they did more then 10 episodes a year. Like what about once a month at least?

I am looking forward to the new game but probably won’t get it till it goes down some in price. Their previous Stick of Truth was great.

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I was thinking this was supremely weird, referring to a hurricane in this way, weeks after. I guess the new, unadorned ‘Harvey’ is Weinstein. Got it.


Hey, remember when they had a whole episode based around the premise that too many people were coming forward with frivolous accusations of sexual assault?


man this episode was bad. All the Facebook stuff was aimless and the Zuckerberg segments were just plain terrible.

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Admittedly I haven’t watched the show in years (decades maybe) but isn’t it Cartman? Where did Catman come from? @Carla_Sinclair

Gene Vincent, although I prefer this version:

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Of course that jerk Hillary Clinton did it sooner, just to take away some of the glory from those good guys at South Park!

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