TV's 'Law & Order: SVU' takes on The Duggars

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Can they please squeeze Brisket Palin and her abstinence BS into that episode. PLEASE!


I swore the season 16 finale was the last episode. They’re doing a season 17?

I used to watch this with my wife, but it’s just gotten so bad. It seems like it’s repeating plots, pushing its new cast too hard, and dropping the viewpoint of the grey areas of law with a “we’re always right but the pesky ‘rules’ are keeping us from nabbing perps” perspective. I do like the current DA though.

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Oh let’s hope for some colorful lawsuits. Does anybody have that popcorn .gif?

I think what you described is mostly how it’s always been. :wink:

It’s always been pretty formulaic, and the news story the episode is based off of is actually pretty new, so that’s a plus.

SVU was the least of the Law & Order “the law ties the hands of justice” approach. They frequently brought in police politics and the thin blue line as bad things in episodes, and each detective had personal and professional demons that haunted them. Of all the Law & Order shows it was the one that showed how police go against the law, how the law breaks down frequently, and how truly heinous sexual assault can be to someone.

And sure, it was always formulaic. But it at least was interesting and pulled surprised frequently enough.

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I might be somewhat out of touch with the rest of the series and its contemporaries, since I find the rest of them unwatchable.

But hey, congrats to Gary Senise for winning awards for his portrayal of various stone statues!

If you are going to be a pretentious douche about it at least stay within the same television series universe.

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