Alleged Python thief crashes into firehouse


Um, ball pythons are on the small size.
Not gigantic.

Move along, nothing to see. :wink:

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Adult Ball Pythons can be extremely squirrely when being handled roughly by anyone, whether it’s their longtime owner with the familiar scent, or a complete stranger who’s pores are reeking with strange pheromones laced with high levels of endorphin’s due to the “fight or flight” response. Ball Pythons tend to roll into a ball, if they are on your arm, neck, lap, whatever. If they see you as a threat., they can constrict. It’s not their nature, but it certainly can happen. Also, snake breeders for many years have been breading specialty boutique snake breeds that don’t always fit the usual definitions of known breeds. The python in question may have some Reticulated Python on his mothers side, which could put his potential length up to 3 meters. The things is, we don’t know. We do know that local news stories often get some of the facts wrong. I think we could agree that no one in the act of stealing an expensive reptile would intentionally crash into a firehouse with out a good reason. I bet she was in some sort of trouble she was in no way prepared for. It can be very hard to drive with a snake backseat driving.

I spent some time as an amateur herpetologist working with some non-amateurs. On the bright side, I no longer fear the dark side.

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Funny… I was just reading a little article-let about a bunch of firemen who were afraid to rescue a 6 foot python from a burning house. Fortunately, a fireman showed up who was willing to carry it out.

I’ll just leave this here: Pee Wee snakes


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