Large snake falls through ceiling, trashes home

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They’d have to clear path to the bathroom, because I’d need to shower and change my underwear.


That is one big snek. Probably terrified to find itself trapped in the house, but not as terrified as I’d be if I found it in mine.


Weirdly, I don’t find giant constrictor snakes threatening, but am fairly terrified of smaller, venomous snakes (the one time I was threatened by a rattlesnake my left foot started trembling uncontrollably). I thought this one was actually kind of cute- though I certainly wouldn’t try to evict it without assistance either.


Welp, that is one big nope rope. I’d move out. It’s the snakes house now.


That would be pretty alarming. I guess that’s part of life when living in a country that has giant fucking snakes everywhere.

I didn’t either, until I read about the Australian woman who woke up to find a constrictor wrapped around her leg, biting her butt, trying to devour her (somewhat optimistically, I should say). She managed to pry it off, but lacerated both her hands and her ass. Biologists captured and tagged the snake, releasing it back into the wild… whereupon it came back to her house and almost killed her (large) dog before a group of people wrestled it off.

My main problem with small venomous snakes is my fear that I’ll injure them by not seeing them and accidentally stepping on them (which has happened). My run-in with a rattlesnake went something like, “Oh good, that snake made its presence known, so I just barely managed to avoid stepping on it. Oh wait, that was a rattlesnake, wasn’t it?”


I live in CA, so our venomous snakes are generally pretty chill. I’ve once almost picked up a worried very small mojave rattler, thinking it was a rock (obviously didn’t look very closely). And… then there was a time I accidentally “sprinkled” a very understanding speckled rattler one bleary eyed morning camping in AZ. I see pacific rattlers all the time around here, and they seem almost oddly unfazed by people.

Out in the desert, I’ve run across a fair number of Crotalus Ruber, and once a sidewinder (it was super cool, and a trip to watch it move across a dune).


Yeah, as long as you know to unwrap them, and not try to squeeze your way out, you’ll be fine (although maybe bitten).

We have a ball python for a pet. ~1 1/2 meters max when it gets older. But I’d never get a burmese. Those things eat alligators down in the Everglades.


“We’re gonna need a bigger bag”

That is one impressive reptile!


My 5 year old daughter wants a ball python. But then again, she hasn’t met an animal she doesn’t want to make a pet yet.


Same here, but with two exceptions: skunks and spiders. Anything else is fair game. With my 8 y/o, it’s a running joke that I still fall for all the time: I’ll ask “Hey, do you want/need anything” and the answer is always, always “a unicorn”.


We live in Australia, so fortunately haven’t come across any skunks. A zoo near us has Mexican red-kneed tarantulas that my kiddo wants. Luckily you can’t have them as pets in Australia.


Really? How scary the snakes on your wall. i guess ill give credit you didnt kill it. But really hahahaha.better watch out even in the upper peninsula of Michigan theres king cobras everywhere

At least you can probably get your kid a 'roo. Not legal here in the states. But why would you even think about getting a pet in AU? Don’t all the animals there want to bite or kill you? Even the cute little octopuses.

Roos are nasty, they will scratch the hell out of you. Not all the animals here want to bite or kill you, just most of them. And, yeah, don’t touch those blue ringed octopuses, they will straight up kill you.

My place is pretty safe, we only have red-back spiders, Sydney funnel web spiders and a red-bellied black snakes (we’re really good at naming things) around.

As for pets, we have 3 cats and 2 axolotls. And a blue tongue lizard (seriously, we are really good at naming things) that lives in the back yard, but it’s not really a pet.


Had to look that one up (not a biologist by any means). Friggin’ cute as heck!


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