Snake climbs a thin wire fence and then slithers along the top of it


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“Oh, hi there human. Thanks for the jungle gym.”



I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream. That’s my nightmare: crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor and surviving.


Pfft. My squirrel can do that blindfolded. I tried.


If only they had talked to an expert we would know if this is actually unusual. I suspect it’s probably similar to some tree climbing behavior.


“Go on the ground? No way! It’s too dangerous down there, just crawling with humans and cows and all kinds of other creatures with big snake flattening feet! It’s far safer up here, and the view is better too.”


Shrug; sometimes you just get bored of regular snaking so you do some snaking on a wire, nbd


At least he could before that snake got him. Poor little guy might have had a chance if he’d seen the thing coming.


Yeah, it’s not all that unusual. It is unusual to find a boa constrictor doing it in North Wales, though:


OMG! I can see my house from here!


Like a snake
On a wire
Like a punk
Lighting a protest fire
I have tried
In my way
To be true

(With all props to the departed Mr. Cohen)


Oh yeah, like we haven’t all slithered along a wire on our bellies at one time!


Seems pretty foolhardy to me, might as well be shouting “come and get me” to the circling raptors.



Is it gettin’ steamy in here, or is that just me?




Great video. This ABC article about it also mentions that Tasmania has three species of snakes and all three are poisonous:




Well done.


What makes the Tasmanian Tiger Snake really dangerous is that it’s actually a thylacine that’s been cross-bred with a snake.


That’s one way for snek to avoid steps!!

Also reminds me of this create Underworld song.