Aggressive snake slithers into police station and attacks man in the waiting room

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I wonder if this is a relatively common occurrence in that region of Thailand? Like, I’d assume that if you live in Australia, you’d get use to all the animals and flora and fauna trying to kill you on a daily basis, but to those of us here in the US, it seems like nightmare fuel.




God damned hit snakes. That thing was hunting him down. Might need to find out who’s paying these slithery assassins to try and take him out.


“You were sssssupposssssed to eliminate the witnessssssssss!”


Disagree. The man jerks his leg up and then the snake lunges.

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Where’s Rikki Tikki Tavi when you need him?


I spent a year in Australia and while I did see lots of wildlife the only deadly snake I saw was a brown snake (lethal enough if alive mind you) that got flattened on a road. Typical.


Reminds me of the chicken fight in Family Guy


We had a snake get in the house. It crawled up a bookcase and then dropped down about 4 feet from me. After I screamed. The SO got a .22 and shot the cornered snake. I still feel bad about that…it was a harmless bull nose snake…whos defense mechanism is to emulate the rattling and markings of a rattle snake. But hey…it was going for the closet which would mean we would still have ‘surprise snake’ in the house if it reached the open ceiling to the attic.


My experiences in South East Asia are limited, but involved snakes. Not all snakes are pissed off and aggressive. For instance, a translator/guide once pointed what looked to a vine in the rainforest and said, “don’t let this bite you, because if it does, I don’t get tipped.”

Now for my experience, partly copied from a previous post here.

I have never met a cobra that wasn’t preternaturally pissed off.

Once, while taking a “restroom” break on a bus I ran into a cobra that was instantly pissed off by me. I was not using the flooded ditch for its newly intended purpose, but instead was looking at the freakish jumping stinging biting ants of doom- of which there are many in Southeast Asia. (One woman was covered in them, and gave no notice as we drove off. That is god like indifference.) I ran around the bus and then jumped in. The driver closed the front doors and it paced back and forth hitting the lower windows.

The bus moves on, and I think I am safe. Down the road some, no more than a third of a mile, but more likely a tenth, the damn thing comes swerving up the dirt road and towards the little village restaurant/shop/abode. Lucky for me the building had doors, or perhaps something like a baby gate with mesh. My love at the time thought it was funny. “What did you do? It looks pissed. Maybe it found it’s true love. Should I let it in?” My love just keeps laughing as I decide that I should go first, just incase. I run for the bus from the side door and hope it doesn’t smell or see me. If we missed the bus, we would have been stuck with the snake. Now that I remember, my love followed pissed that they had to worry about the snake following. “Don’t talk to me. I get why the snake hates you.” We didn’t talk much for the rest of that day. Travel- the best test for LTR, long term relationship.

Other cobras that I have seen in person, some up close, were also ill tempered. Like velvet ants, some organisms, are just highstrug or permanently pissed off- from our perspective. Then again, wouldn’t you be around humans who tended to stick you in alcohol or oil, and sometimes cook you.


Um… okay. thanks I guess.


Looks like it has a hood when it rears up. Now, maybe it’s not a cobra, there are other hooded snakes I gather, but if I was in that guys shoes I’d have to change my underwear afterwards.


It sure sounds like it. They’ve got 200 species of snakes, and development means more of them are in human-occupied areas. Apparently the Bangkok fire department got 31,801 snake removal calls last year, and to put that in perspective, on one day where they got five fire alarms, got 173 calls about snakes. The Bangkok airport was build in an area known as “Cobra Swamp.”


Did …did he walk like that before the attack?


It wasn’t exactly “without provocation.” The sneck was just trucking along when the guy freaked out. Then the sneck reacted. Not before.

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Pretty sure it’s a Malayan Pit Viper by it’s coloring and its behavior.

OMG, reminds me of some ridiculous nonsense in my condo building while I was out of town recently.

A snake got loose in the basement. Not sure if snuck in or a pet that escaped. But it was 10pm and my neighbors called 911.

3 police officers showed up, and each promptly decided, “Nope. I am not touching it.” One hid behind an old lady. They all stood around for an hour watching it, and then it slithered off. The cops shrugged and left.

Eventually it showed up on someone’s porch and their boyfriend killed it.

Dumbasses and/or city slickers the lot of them. Damn shame.


Looks like maybe they have history. /s


I’ll never complain about the deer in our back yard again.