Afraid of snakes? Don't watch


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Maintoba, Candada? How about Manitoba, Canada?

I don’t know about Maintoba, but Saskachusetts is great this time of year.

Garter snakes are wonderful creatures, and very affectionate too.
I had a couple when I was a kid, but unfortunately, they’re also incredible escape artists, and they both eventually escaped from my vivarium.
One I never saw again, and the second unfortunately made its way through the walls to the neighbour’s house.
The father of the house, not knowing the snake was completely harmless, battered it to death.
I was very upset, although it was tempered with understanding, and a malevolent glee that this tiny creature had made this jerk scream like a school-girl.


They’re harmless, adorable, and they eat pests. In my book, that means that garter snakes are wonderful, like house lizards without legs.

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Even my mother - who happened to be very afraid of snakes (and had a worm phobia) - was kind to garter snakes…

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I’m not a big snake person but garter snakes are basically about as dangerous as a big worm. So they’re ok.

Awww, lookit the adorable snaky face at 1:06!

Garter snakes are adorable. Two years ago I found one that was hanging out inside my garden hose. When I put on the spray attachment, turned on the faucet, and couldn’t get any water to come out, I unscrewed the spray attachment again and a very small, very wet garter snake popped out with all the backed-up water. Poor little thing. The snake was OK – it slithered away into the garden.

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