Giant snapping turtle loves his pet parent

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There are some things in this would i would never fuck with and snapping turtles is one of them

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I dunno - I guess if it is full and used to you, fine. I wouldn’t risk it with me.

I did fine a little one at a pond in a cemetery. It was about 4-5 inches long and much cuter than what they grow up to be.

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Reminds me of the guy in Alaska who made those videos with his bear friends. How’d that work out?


This seems like a mistake.


They maybe close but I wouldn’t share hot tub time with old snappy


I’ll have another of those crunchy pies and make it snappy.

Vicious? Really?

That’s a common snapper. They generally leave you alone if you leave them alone. The only time I’ve ever seen them snap at something that wasn’t food is if they were provoked.

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Snapping turtles can be dangerous when they get annoyed. But they are usually friendly and curious when they are calm. Water is their natural habitat so the wild ones do get very annoyed if they are lifted out from water. They wander sometimes on land too but they do not feel safe during these rare moments and tend to be very defensive.

Here’s one wild snapping turtle taking things very calmly:


Snappy is very patient with it’s dad.
Even though dad keeps petting it on the eyes.

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Watching that made me think of mitch McConnell and a lobbyist. something about that placid reptilian face. Sorry to all reptiles who read this and take offence


I couldn’t even stop myself from counting and watching his fingers. I’ve seen too many bitey-ass snapping turtles.

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We live near a very large marsh/wetland, lots of turtles big and small.

We have stropped traffic many times on a 55mph two lane highway to assists turtles get across without being squished.(you can’t believe how angry some drivers get if they have to wait) The very large snapping guys get picked up from as far back as possible, their neck can reach around pretty far.

We also run on that highway, you can’t believe how many turtles we find intentionally run over.

And here’s your turtle rescue tip of the day… If you do encounter one trying to cross a highway and you want to move them, always move them in the direction they’re going even if it makes no sense to you. If you put them back where they came from they will try again. They know what they’re doing.


I came across a nearly manhole sized snapper (much bigger than the one above) that was just sunning himself in the road - it was fall, sunny, it kind of made sense. I drove around it and kept going, but I just knew some a-hole would smash it and it just bugged me to no end. So I turned around and decided to move it. Nope - that turtle was FAST. I couldn’t get to the back of him, he would just spin around. And I was not going to lose a finger or toe over it. I didn’t have any tools or anything, so finally just gave up.

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