WATCH: Horse regrets disturbing snapping turtles in flagrante delicto




Who is the asshole who let the horse stick its nose in there?
I hope that Karma literally bites them in the ass!

Brought back memories of the time my sister had to pry a hermit crab off of my lip… :smiley:

Edit to fix typo. Thanks @antdude


Damn Hermit Crabs. You just reminded me of the time when 10 year old me had one that latched onto that little piece of flesh between the thumb and forefinger.


I read that as White House regrets disturbing snapping turtles in flagrante delicto.


I saw a pair of snapping turtle humping in shallow water. The male had a row of fins down his tail like a dragon or something, his claws were as a long as my little finger, and his head was as big as baseball.


Now, that seems to imply that the bitten is not so much as fault as the allower. Now, why would you be interested in pursuing such an agenda?


“Hey horsey, I got your nose!”


Snapping turtles are no joke. They can take a finger off a curious human. I watched that video the same way I’d watch a horror movie climax, then was relieved at the end that all the blood and ripped-horse-nostril injuries remained offscreen.


I had to watch that several times before I realized that the turtle wasn’t simply leaping ten feet from a standing start under his own power. That would be terrifying. You’d just be going about your day, when AHHHHHH TURTLES FROM NOWHERE.

Hard not to feel bad for the horse, though, which could not possibly have meant them any harm. Oh, animals, when will you learn to live in peace with the world, like humans.


First, that weird sound, then the blue light, and then the snapping begins!


Well thank the gods that Gamera is the friend to all children.


At least it wasn’t “Snapping Turtle versus Horse Cock,” which sounds like a Chinese porn movie.


It’s = it (i/ha)s.


For me, I bought a new mall hermit crab from Doug’s Animal House pet store when I was a callow ant. I stuck my hand in the brown bag and the hermit crab pinch my finger. I had my hand in the bag like that without my father/dad/pa(ppy) knowing it until we got home. The hermit crab sure made a big cut. :frowning:


The uploader says that the horse returned to pester the turtle agan & again till it finally upped sticks and left, according to her YT page comments. Horses are idiots.


Ok, heartless owner.
One does not let anything one cares about learn about snapping turtles the hard way. As @sidb noted, snapping turtles are no joke.


Make it a Chinese porn/martial arts film, and I will definitely see it.


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