Why you shouldn't kiss snapping turtles


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Aww, the turtle kissed back.


The last picture make me think of a Howard the Duck remake


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

The reason is in their name.

They’re snapping turtles, not kissing turtles.


it’s turtles all the way dow ow ow ow ow


I’m a bit surprised that the turtle didn’t manage to do more damage.

That sort of swelling looks like an unpleasant compression injury; but it doesn’t look like the turtle managed to break skin very effectively, and definitely didn’t take a neat, turtle-jaw-shaped, slice out of the guy’s lip.


I had a hermit crab do that to my lip when I was around 10 (I was blowing on it to get it to poke it’s head out). My sister had to pry his claw open - the crab was fine and my lip just had little swollen bruise.



Also, salmonella.

But mostly the snapping.


Pretty much. This one looks a bit smaller; but lips aren’t terribly durable tissue, even by squishy human standards.


I’ve had a lot of pets including many reptiles, and the baby snapping turtle that we kept for a year was one of the dumbest creatures I’ve ever met. The kid who kissed this one is dumber. When I saw the headline I thought it would be a little baby. No one in their right mind put their hand near that motherfucker, never mind their face!


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