Couple surprised to find 3-foot-long ball python hiding in couch


"Two Long Island residents, a married couple, were cleaning a recently vacated basement apartment when one removed a couch cushion and discovered a Boston Terrier puppy.

The Suffolk County SPCA said the non-venomous critter belonged to the former tenant, and that another tenant upstairs had agreed to care for it, but it got loose. Boston Terriers are legal to own in New York, and no charges were filed."

Swap snake for puppy to get the full effect of how silly this story is.


hah, I know, right?!!

My local reptile shelter has DOZENS of cute snakes, just waiting for a good home.

But, since most American kids already have a pet snake it’s just not gonna happen…


Really? I must be missing a joke here or am just that out of touch.


He looks adorable. I’ve had a few ball pythons and they’re awesome, mild-mannered pets. He probably caused less of a problem than any other escaped pet possibly could have, finding its way into a strange apartment.

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Poor fella was just looking for his owner

Man, I once scored for some free B&W speakers in a new flat, but I never got a free snake…

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Gutierrez said “Swap snake for puppy to get the full effect of how silly this story is.”

So OtherMichael did that, but in reverse.

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To be fair, most escaped pets aren’t small enough to get INTO a strange apartment. Only thing I can think of other than snakes would be small rodents, insects, and perhaps ferrets.

I can’t tell you how stoked I’d be to find a free smallish python in my furniture (well, ball python at least, not one of the more pissy varieties like rock python etc…).

Even better: “Man comes home to find that Craiglist find of “free computer tower” was infested with Chinese Water Dragons!”


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Wow I feel stupid. Thanks for explaining.

Not stupid. We all miss things. Human brains are weird. Cheers!

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Or an 800-lb gorilla.


Q: “Kids, did you remember feed the puppy this week?”
A: “No, we’re all out of live rodents and he won’t eat the frozen ones.”


Boston Terriers are ratters.

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