Allergies Suck

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Freudian slip? Been hanging out in one of the weapon related threads?

In my experience, food allergies show symptoms quickly (within 30 minutes) or late (one, two, or three days later).

What symptoms do you suspect are caused by xanthan gum?

Have you tried a “two week” test? I have found that to be very effective for identifying food allergies.

Huh? Is that something you are eating?

My asthma was most certainly the result of food allergies. Stop eating the food … asthma disappeared.

I have had four obstacles with food allergies:

  1. Food in a container typically has a few ingredients to dozens. Trying to run down one suspect can be extremely difficult when that suspect could easily be in nearly all manufactured food.

  2. The symptoms can take up to three days to appear. If my asthma was causing problems I would have to recall everything I ate over the last half-week.

  3. Small amounts of allergens have no symptoms. I would eat a little of X one day. No problems. Eat a bit more the next day. No problems. Eat a bit more the third day. Big problems.

  4. The level of reaction depends on my “allergen load”. If nothing is pollinating and I have X, no problem. If something nasty is pollinating and I have X, big problems.

After? Yikes. Are you having a reaction to the Benedryl? Or an ingredient? Have you tried other formulations?

Being tested was a godsend.

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I had pain and asthma attacks after exposure to some things containing xanthan gum.

The wood pulp came up in another discussion. Apparently wood pulp was used in low-fat foods, and the binding agent, often xanthan gum or guar gum, would be listed, while the pulp would be omitted.

I had very bad hives after exposure to benedryl in response to what turned out not to be allergic… and I am not going to try to experiment with different formulations, because I am not sure I would survive.

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