Restaurant that killed customer with nut allergy sends apology email advertising new desserts


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“You’ll spot the difference the moment the food arrives!!”

Anaphylaxis is the tip off.


Come to Easingwold Curry. Our food is to die for, as our customers can attest!


A friend of mine was hospitalized while traveling in San Frandisco, turns out the waitress was mistaken, there was peanuts in the salad dressing after all! Yet another reason to pay food servers a living wage. You can’t expect them to deal with life or death decisions like serving puffer fish and peanuts, while working for less than minimum wage!

And wouldn’t it be nice if the health inspectors evaluated allergen protocol at the same time they look for rats?


somewhat disappointing



I would have thought a restaurant killing someone would be a sign to not keep that restaurant open.


“[We] sincerely apologise to all our loyal customers for the recent heavy press…”

Apologize for the press? :neutral_face:

“…transform your perception of Indian food…”

You’re worried about our perception of your food? :neutral_face:


Why not list this in the menu?


I read recently in the news that a restaurant put peanut butter in a grilled cheese sandwich and almost killed a kid with a peanut allergy. And i’ve heard of so many stories of people dying after being told their food was peanut free :[

It must be very stressful or worrying having a nut allergy, or something as equally deadly. I’m allergic to shellfish but i don’t normally have to worry about it being stealthily added to seemingly innocuous things.
I wonder if it’s at all possible to have a testing device for food that can detect peanut (or other allergic) compounds before a person has to taste anything.


Would an epi pen help something like this?


A lot of folks do carry epi pens.


“Our curry will take your breath away!”


I thought this was going to be a bad apology where they state they’re getting new menu items because of what happened. Nope. That is indeed full fledged advertising along with their “apology.”


Seriously, you’d think they’d at least change the name or something. It’s quite unfathomable that they’d expect whatever favorable associations there might have been with the restaurant would surpass the notoriety of killing someone. Alternatively, a visit from a particularly thorough health inspector would surely be in order.


Actually, California doesn’t allow below-minimum wages for tipped workers. Which is just as well given that the minimum wage isn’t a remotely livable one…


Yes, this is what epinephrine is specifically designed to protect against. Mind you, it merely buys you enough time to swallow a handful of benedryl gels and get to the ER, but it’ll keep your heart from stopping or your throat from swelling shut.


The answer to the question “Does this have nuts in it?” should always be “Yes” from restaurant staff.


"Restaurant that killed customer with nut allergy sends apology email advertising new desserts"


They also regret the sentence, and note that mistakes have been made, but nothing in the note suggests that the mistakes they think were made included serving nuts to a known nut allergic person, or that they even acknowledge their role in the death…


Not always - otherwise there’s no utility in the question at all as you’re consigning anyone with nut allergies to never eating at a restaurant ever.