How to make a dairy-free foamy latte with coffee and xanthan gum


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Faux-latte? Though if it doesn’t have a dairy substitute (aka: soy, almond, etc), then would it still be considered a wanna-be latte?

I think using xantham gum is interesting and inventive, but i’m not sure its something i’d be having myself given the opportunity. I like keeping my coffee simple


Xanthan gum Side Effects & Safety. Xanthan gum is safe when up to 15 grams per day are taken. It can cause some side effects such as intestinal gas (flatulence) and bloating. People who are exposed to xanthan gum powder might experience flu-like symptoms, nose and throat irritation, and lung problems.


John was using about .1 gram. That means I can drink 150 cups before I start to bloat.


To put this in context, that’s fairly safe - and the powder effects are similar to other powdered materials. Breath in enough flour and you’ll have some shit go down.


This amount of coffee is somewhere near LD50 of caffeine - with a little bit luck you will be dead before you bloat!


So cool to see JEP use this hack.
I have used xantham gum for non-gluten baking recipes. It adds the stretchy property back into a non-gluten dough. Once I made a garbanzo bean crust pizza once using xantham gum.


Post. Yer. Recipe.


My wife reminds me it was Bob’s Red Mill GF Garbanzo & Fava Flour.
Gluten free pizza dough


We were watching you closely as you neared the 75 cups of coffee mark, Mark.


It is good that this is good for some. Xanthan gum is not my friend, but on the plus side my life long lactose intolerance went away for some reason. Vive la differance.


It’s either a terminology problem or a logic problem, you tell us. :smile:


Hmm, I didn’t know xantham gum could cause flu like symptoms. That might possibly explain some after effects I get every now and then when I eat out. It’s not exclusively a problem with fast food, but sometimes I strangely get some nasal congestion and a feeling of having increased mucus in my throat as well. It’s strange and I’m wondering if that might be it


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