Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to squirt coffee up your asshole using this $135 glass jar


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As if steam cleaning your vagina with a Carpet Doctor wasn’t enough…

What does she do that requires that much cleaning?





I tried to tell the people at Starbucks that Gwyneth Paltrow herself recommended coffee enemas, but … long story short, I’m not allowed back in that particular store.

Also, it turns out that the triple venti caramel macchiato really isn’t suitable for this, and whatever you end up getting, you should definitely wait for it to cool down a bit.


White People 101


Fools and their money, ad infinitem.




So do I order an Iced Americano with extra small cubes, or should I just wait for this bad boy to make a comeback?


Well, I guess we know what she likes.

Hey, whatever floats your net worth.


They did you a favor.


Goddammit, when are you people going to start clearly labeling BoingBoing Store posts?


I prefer decaf


My rectum is often filled with coffee, but I insert it from the other end. Tastes better that way.


“Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to squirt coffee up your asshole using this $135 glass jar”

What she likes to watch others do is no concern of mine. I just hope she compensated them properly.


That’s not a place that I’d want to spill hot coffee.



It’s not even a nice glass jar. A “$350 rose gold crazy straw” at least looks kind of pretty, I imagine. But this? This looks like standard-issue lab glassware, of the sort the nasty scientists use to make their chemicals.


The company ends by stating that by “using this site for any purpose whatsoever… you are agreeing to indemnify Implant O’Rama LLC… from any claims or responsibility for anything.”



What the Hell is wrong with this woman?