Gwyneth Paltrow plagiarized the fictitious "ancient Chinese" practice of vaginally inserted jade eggs UPDATED


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It’s probably not real jade in those eggs. It’s more likely plastic infused jade. Just saying.


There’s nothing that classes up a pitch for woo like bogus cultural appropriation [ETA: except perhaps for plagiarising it]. Way to go, Goops.


I’m not gonna say she invented it. These are basically ben wa balls, a sex toy. Repackaged as ancient healing. In a potentially dangerous package.


So Ancient Chinese Ben-Wa Balls? and apparently they actually are. Of course there much better options than jade out there these days but whatever makes you happy.


Looking at the website it appears to be an actual rock.


Haven’t seen Joe Bftsplk in many, many years


Glad someone posted this, and will just add this:

Those hand exercise balls are NOT Ben-Wa balls. Ben-Wa balls have a string or ribbon for ease of extraction. Those metal exercise balls, while similar, do not.


When did Paltrow come up with her bullshit? I had a girlfriend about 10 years ago who used a silicon rubber egg, and I’ll attest that it did indeed strengthen her Kegel muscles. But she didn’t buy it from Goop.


Ancient Chinese, NASA - she’ll steal from anyone.


She else recommended steam cleaning your vagina but I don’t think she mentioned that you’re not supposed to hire the kit from Carpet Right.


Well, you had me right up until that last paragraph. The cited abstract’s details can’t support your “in anything, ever” absolutism. That’s the kind of 1+1=3 crap we see coming out of the White House every day that justifiably gets mocked around here


For better or worse, I think we might be giving her a little too much credit.


more or less likely to be a beauty take off

but I’m no clever dick


…people in China didn’t put jade eggs in anything, ever.

Oh yea? Oh yea? Did you talk to every single Chinese person ever?

/middle school


You know it’s funny. I now work with a lot of Chinese and Korean Expats and something I’ve never seen people obsessed with ancient rememdies do is drink hot water. It’s a super common practice for people to drink their water hot instead of cold, even in the summer, and there are a lot of health-related beliefs around it.

Instead, it’s always something that you have to spend money on. Funny, that.


I really wonder what goes on when Gwyneth attends Hollywood galas? Do people smile and nod, or do they even talk to her at all? Personally, whenever someone tries to promote woo at a party, I just kind of excuse myself to go refresh my drink.


Unless it’s this kind of ‘egg,’ I’m not interested.


The ancient Chinese used to put jade eggs in little velvet-lined wooden boxes and sell them to ancient American consumers.


She used to be a pretty good actress. But she’s been slumming. Or sexist, ageist casting directors are doing the slumming for her.