Allie Brosh's follow-up to Hyperbole and a Half out this month

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Yessssss! I just re-read Hyperbole and a Half a few weeks ago because I find it therapeutic when feeling depressed which is happening more and more nowadays with social distancing.

Pre-ordered, and if you happen to read this Allie, thank you.


Pretty much my sentiments exactly. I’m really glad she’s feeling well enough to make this.


I’ve really missed her alot.


Her artwork is looking smoother. Is she better at drawing, or has she perhaps ditched MS Paint and started using a program with line smoothing? Or does MS Paint have that these days?

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I remember absolutely corpsing while reading the goose story on the train in to work. The more I tried to stifle my laughter, the worse it got.
So glad she’s still out there doing her thing.

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The dog moving story always does it for me. The illustrations along with it also just tip it over.

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