Hyperbole and a Half book delivers


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I gave it to my wife, and her mothers and aunts stole it all Christmas and were forever cracking up on the couch and passing it to each other.

Perhaps I’ll get a chance to read it now!

Bought it as a gift. Should have gotten two.

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I liked it, and I read it rather quickly. But I kind of have to say: moved as I was by “Depression” when parts one and two were first posted on the blog, it loses some of its impact when piled together with “Motivation”, “This Is Why I’ll Never Be an Adult”, “Thoughts and Feelings”, and “Identity”. It all kind of muddles together incoherently and leaves me with the feeling that introspection is an exercise in utter futility.

Saw this on a shelf in an airport bookstore. It’s the website content on paper, plus some new comics.

It’s also a chance for those of us who love Allie’s work to pay her back.


I recommend this to anyone who needs a laugh or a book on depression (I work in a bookstore). It’s mostly the web content repackaged, but I am totally willing to shill for someone as talented as Ms. Brosh.

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It may have a lot of content from the site, but I still was giggling, drooling, and snorting with laughter throughout the cake incident.

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To correct that impression, simply consider the type of people incapable of introspection.

And damn, can she make with the LOLs. One of the funniest authors ever, she deserves a living for it - no question.


I had pre-ordered the book and really enjoyed it… Subsequently, I received a copy for my birthday and one for Xmas, so I have been passing copies on to grateful friends.


She is the funniest person on the internet, and perhaps of all time.


It’s a great book. I just wish she was able to write more stuff faster.

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Nice try, Allie…

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