There's a new Hyperbole and a Half book coming!


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Excellent news!


I wish she’d post them on her website and have a patreon or something.


Verily, judging from the lack of activity both on the original blog and on Facebook, it seemed like there was a distinct possibility Ms. Brosh had met with some terrible fate.


Me too. Weird paperbacks as these don’t usually get to where I live. A patreon for digital versions would work wonders, maybe.


Honestly, I was a little concerned myself, since she’s been pretty open about her struggles with depression. So I’m glad to see that she’s just been busy!


Why not just order online - or are you like way, way out there? There’s more options than Amazon if you’re just not a fan of their business model - Powell’s is a very nice place that I enjoy and they ship online.


Good. I loved the first one.


It’s picturesforsadchildren that still has me worried.

That and hyperbole are two of the smartest sensitive comics I’ve read.


Oh yeah. He went off the deep end hard. I hope someone helped him find the help he needed.


If anyone needs me I’ll be over here doing a little dance of happiness.


Hmm. The Wikipedia article fails to note that in the end, Max Temkin (part of the creative force behind “Cards Against Humanity”) stepped in and resolved the Kickstarter issue. But I wasn’t aware there were signs of activity on the old website recently.

Seems to me Mr. Campbell burned his bridges pretty decisively and that we shouldn’t expect to hear from him for a long time yet.


I live in argentina: our postal service is a kafkian nightmare, and also notable for stealing stuff, and going through all of your shit on arrival. I’d rather not go through that anymore.


What’s wrong with just, you know, the book? Can’t pretty much anyone get it that way?


There’s nothing at all wrong with the book, if you want a book. I don’t want a book. Why do you care what my preferred method is?


Ah, that sucks. Sorry about that. :frowning:


A good book to read while you are waiting is Furiously Happy: A Funny Book about Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson. She is also a blogger who writes humorous essays about depression and mental health. Her patronos is a stuffed raccoon.



She stopped posting around the time of her sister’s death. Glad to see Allie’s back at it.