Hyperbole and a Half: now in book form!




That site made me guffaw. To say lol or lmao is not enough. I’m glad to hear the book is finally out.


Allie Brosh is all that is good about the internet.


The recent strip about how a dinosaur costume empowers the young artist’s Id is excellent.


“Panic??” Is that a typo for something? Manic, maybe?


The irony is that’s not hyperbole.


“Recent”? There’s new stuff!? Oh, joy!



My wife and I used to check back on the site monthly, each time hoping against hope that there would be an update, each time sad that there wasn’t. The three posts in the past two years have been sad and hilarious at the same time. I can’t wait to get the book.


It’s so very amazing what she’s able to communicate in those strange primitive mac-paint level images… generations of writers have tried to communicate the alienation of depression and social anxiety, yet better than nearly any of them she captures the brittle attempt to hide despair behind a frozen grin.


When I don’t get things done as quickly as I’d like, my mind goes back to one of her strips about the artist will never be an adult, and then I’m okay again. Sheer brilliance.


Love her.
And her posts about depression, for me, have come the closest to explaining what it is that I feel. So, hilarious, and heart wrenching, yes.


Yay, my book was waiting for me when I got home last night.

The dedication made me wonder (like oh so many of her posts)…where’s Scott?


I love Allie Brosh. (In a totally not creepy, platonic kind of way.) She captures the vivid, unbearable rage and misery of being frustrated, alive, depressed. Also she is so goddamn funny - that post about the game of wolves and chasing the guy through the woods? I’m about to hiccup laugh from just thinking about it. I will also never look at Kenny Loggins with a straight face again.

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