Alligator effortlessly destroys a metal fence to get to the other side (video)

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“Effortlessly”? :smile::smile::smile:


dinosaurs: strong. not smart.


… technically


well, that’s the best kind of correct, right? lol


I love the casual approach to helping the gator through the fence. Here, let me help you with that loose leg there and just calmly puts him/her through like maybe that’s a regular sort of thing. He was at least as cool as the gator.


I’m going to spring for traditional cast iron if I move down there.


I’ve always blamed that sort of damage on kids.


The dude “effortlessly” bent the fence too. It’s flimsy as shite.




Given how easily that guy coming to help could bend those bars (even if they were broken off at one end at that point), this seems more like a case of a very weak fence than a surprisingly strong alligator.


After reading recent alligator stories we have to really stop doing stuff like this but we do enjoy hiking in really off the beaten path places.

This is a 10 mile loop in Florida. This is the first time we ever walked this close to an alligator. Back in early 2020 we ran into a hiker who taught us about alligators on this trail. He said the key was to get to the trail before the sun comes up over the trees because once the sun hits the trail the gators sun themselves on the trail.

He said not to worry, they are not interested in us just walk right past, He told us there was one part of trail on the back half of the loop where gators would be laying across the trail, just step over them.

We came back first thing in the morning and off we went, this is the very first time we did this, we got close and talked about turning back but we eventually decided to just do it. I took a deep breath and went first. I just casually walked by showing as little fear as possible. My wife came next.

Was the most awesome and maybe dumbest thing we ever did.

The gator in the last photo was the same trail, it was less than 20 feet away. There were dozens all around us as we walked for a few hours. At one point a bear popped up on the trail but he went back into the woods pretty quick. An otter came right up to me on the same walk.

The only time we got really scared is when I was taking photos of some babies, I did not realize mamma was closer than I saw, my wife said hear comes mamma so I calmly apologized and walked away. She was very understanding.

We’ve talked about it a lot, we want to go back and do it again but we’re not sure. That particular trail is filled with all kinds of wildlife so who knows.

I cropped our faces out but the look of terror is priceless. That’s my wife’s feet and arm.

This is me.

This is the one less than 20 feet away.

This is one of the babies and the last one is mamma swimming over. The babies make cute squealing sounds.

Here’s the otter just because it’s cute.


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