Gator vs. Truck (spoiler: the alligator wins)

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There are still lots of people who think animals are only as strong as they themselves would be if they were the same size/shape.

Also it would seem Nissan has abandoned the whole “Hardbody” concept, no?

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That gator is pretty pissed about the vertical video.


Gators are touchy about proper use of available aspect ratio. I thought everyone knew this…


In fact, compared to say, giraffes, they are especially sensitive to this crime against videography on account of their personal aspect ratio. And don’t get me started on now snakes react…


That’s probably what happened here in fact.

(Hissssss) dude, you’re cutting of my tail and back wtf?

Imma jes a hillabilla wit a smarterNme phoner!

(Hisssss) NO ONE CAN SEE MY BEAUTIFUL TAIL!!1111 (tears truck apart)

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I am so glad that wasn’t my leg. But I suppose my leg is smarter than his truck.

Snakes on a (horizontal) plane!


Intentionally antagonizing alligators doesn’t always end this well. I’d say he got what was coming to him.


Looks like they starting building Nissans Ford Tough.

Alligators aren’t descendants of dinosaurs. They forked off from a common ancestor to dinosaurs, Archosaurs, in the Triassic.


Hey, I was gonna say that! :wink:

Crocodilians aren’t descended from dinosaurs (as Hannahcomb has already mentioned) but there are dinosaur descendants that you seriously don’t want to annoy. The phorusracids, or “terror birds”, of the Cenozoic (think 3-metre high huge-billed flightless carnivorous speed-running monsters) no longer exist, which is probably just as well, but they could probably give your gator (or truck) a run for its money. Cassowaries, which do exist in Australia and New Guinea, are also supposed to be bad-tempered and vicious if pissed off. They aren’t carnivorous, though.

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I was wondering what Florida Man was up to this week.


Drunkard Jim Boudreaux taunts the alligator he called “a total pussy” in front of friends.

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The line that got me:

"Don't let an alligator's easygoing appearance fool you," Sawyer said. "These creatures have no empathy for drunken pranksters looking for fun. They are not black bears."

I’ve met a blackbear. They’re not as big as they make them look on TV. I wouldn’t antagonize one though. While they aren’t 7-foot tall behemoths they are about 4-8 times stronger than a human, and can tear a log apart like it’s a snickers wrapper.

Gotta love Louisiana…

(I’m a displaced coonass)

Terror birds such as Gastornis are recently thought to have used their huge beaks to crack nuts. There doesn’t seem to be any conclusive evidence that they were carnivorous unless you know of an article I’ve not read. Still, knowing ostriches, terror birds probably earned their nickname in other ways.

Also, Wikipedia seemed to think that cassowaries ate human flesh for awhile, but thankfully that part of the article seems to have been refined as ‘attacks humans’. They’re omnivorous and sometimes eat meat. :V


I’m flagging this post for being offensive to strongly personally-held myths.

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Cassowaries (genus Casuarius) are frugivorous; fallen fruit and fruit on low branches is the mainstay of their diet. They also eat fungi, insects, frogs, spiders, snakes and other small animals, even dead ones and roadkills. [emphasis added] (source)

I suspect your dietary immunity to cassowary appetite is only an ecological draw-down away from lunch-time.