Man mocks alligator. Alligator kills man


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“Man killed by bad punctuation” more like. He obviously thought that the clearly evident alligators were unable to swim, and thus he would be safest in the water.

The tragedy of it, a life lost for want of a comma. Another milestone in the dumbing down of America.


Texas man tries to out-stupid Florida man, Succeeds!
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Out-stupid Florida man

The difference between “Let’s eat grandma!” and “Let’s eat, grandma!”

Your post almost killed another guy!


Good thing when idiocy wipes itself out. I hope he didn’t get the chance to procreate with that girlfriend.


Sorry thats my engineering/math/all of 2 english courses in college showing. :blush:


More like “Alligator does humanity a small favor but refuses to eat all of Texas.”

Edit/UPDATE: Rick Perry encourages civil disobedience in face of alligators trampling on the religious freedom to be a dumb, fucking redneck.


Darwin in action.

Not all of Texas is bad. I was there for a short while. I liked.


Missing from news story “alcohol was involved.”


Those three little words, “hold my beer.”



  • Smile at a crocodile
  • Berate an alli-gate


Not all Texas bad. Not all cops bad. Not all nazis* bad. But let’s still throw the dead babies out with the bath water.

(Oh, and I hope this asshole was sober enough to suffer terribly whilst being eaten alive.)

Happy 4th of July!

*Godwin bingo!


“I was surprised. That asshole tasted a lot like chicken.” the alligator reflected in a recent interview.



[quote=“IanMcLoud, post:12, topic:61075, full:true”](Oh, and I hope this asshole was sober enough to suffer terribly whilst being eaten alive.)
[/quote]Too far.


I just posted this a couple weeks ago

Drunkard Jim Boudreaux taunts the alligator he called “a total pussy” in front of friends.


Nope. There are types of people and I know this type very well. Fuck him. He got exactly what he deserved. Calling this “heartbreaking” is asinine.


You can say “don’t mess with Texas” until the sun goes down, but if you then go swimming, Florida man would find some* way to survive.



If TV is anything to go by, I thought alligators were created by God for man to taunt and leap onto and wrestle for a bit of fun. Isn’t that how alligators are supposed to work?


Hey y’all! Watch this!