Gentleman surprised that alligator doesn't like to be grabbed


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Mandatory alligator consent classes for you!


As a white person, am I allowed to comment “Just white people things”?

Get back to me on this, I want to use it so badly.


To be fair, the alligator stole his meth.*


  • This comment provided by Tourism Florida. Florida: It’s just crazy enough to work.


I like his little kick at the end, like; “I don’t think I like you anymore, alligator.”


Charmander I choose you!

(Dude is lucky to be alive!)


The media is totally biased in this video- he’s doing great with alligators. SAD!


Is he…?


Look, this guy is a loser, okay? That’s with Obama. When I get in there, I’ll get all the best alligator people. Many people have said how good I am with alligators. Many people. You don’t just throw a towel down. That’s for losers. I can get the job done. I guarantee. Believe me. Sad!


Is that Virginia’s dad?


We were in FLA maybe 20 years ago and went out with a fishing guide to catch bass near Orlando.
Of course, we saw a bunch of alligators along the way and even caught a fish or two…
When we saw a particularly large one and took its photo, the guide told us that earlier in the week he took two guys out and when they saw a big gator in the water, one of the guys jumped in and said “take my picture!” Lucky for him, the gator swam off.


A contender for a honorable mention for the next Darwin Awards.


You’re gonna need a bigger towel.


Come on, no one?


His wife works on these then?


Yes! Exactly!


It must have been sitting on his golf ball. I don’t blame him for wanting to avoid a penalty stroke. Totally worth the risk.


I thought Bob Barker had more sense than that.



If it were real, his buddies would be laughing their asses off in the background.


I really feel bad for the gator. That critter was so close to getting a decent meal.