Orange alligator alarms South Carolina, internet


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i sure would like to make me some shoes outa that gator

hey, how do you resize an image around here anyway?


I see Seanan McGuire’s lizard breeding programs have gotten out of hand again.






But alligators don’t have “tiny stumpy extremities”, whatever their color.


Every few years I clean out my culverts around the farm…I’m grateful to live far enough north that I’ve never had to disturb any more unseemly than a few possums. Rousting this lad would be a bit over the top.


Still tastes like chicken.




“Orange monstrosity alarms world, orange alligator amuses internet”

I wonder: will this become a spiritual symbol, the white buffalo for Drumpfucks? (At least for those in Florida?) Will the orange alligator replace the frog? Will it inspire a cult-like group that seeks it out, reverently chanting, “Drain that swamp”?



Sure to be a top new recipe for Ted and Shemane



This is what happens when you drain your own swamp.


Just look at it’s widdle hands!


That gator looks like he’s carrying his own clubs.


Sorry, just here to object to an exquisitely adapted top predator being reduced to a “metaphor for mindless aggression.” Do you hate sharks, too? How about people?


They’re saying if you have small extremities then something else must be small too, but I assure you there’s no problem in that department, none at all.


I can almost see the little pink circles around the eyes.


I’m really glad that someone else here thinks of that movie any time the phrase over the top comes up. I actually used the movie cover image in a presentation I did for SMPTE about OTT video streaming. I’m not sure the folks in the audience thought it was as hilarious as I did, but hey – we have each other!!! :slight_smile: