Alternate theory on Sony Hack points to Russian hackers, not North Korea

There are days when it looks like jumping to conclusions is going to become an Olympic sport. :trophy:

On the other hand, bombers and arsonists are quite often identified by looking at their handiwork–


Why couldn’t just have been Russkies hired by the Norks?


Quite true, but they don’t even know that who the ORIGINAL hack came from.

They just know that all three use the same very commonly available software since the makers of it released it as nearly an opensource project.

Writing that script and casting those actors were also key points of failure.


It fits all the available evidence (though, to be honest, nearly everyone on the planet fits the available evidence), but has Occam’s Razor as a tie-breaker.

Are you quite sure that (your formulation of) Occam’s razor is applicable?

I note your ‘concern’, but let me ask you about three words in your characterization of events that I am having a hard time with: Leader, Country, and Realistic.

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Oh, are we putting Descartes before the whores again?

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True, Kim Jong-un is a vicious dictator, but he hasn’t caused me as much personal suffering as Seth Rogen and James Franco.


Some people don’t have non-hermetic privilege.

@jerwin beat me to the punch. Shoplifting and speeding are crimes of an entirely different feather than computer hacks, and they are crimes with an entirely different forensics routine. I’ve got to got with @teapot on this–the FBI wins nothing in pointing the finger at NK.

Yet. The building of a casus belli against Iraq started over a year before the actual on the ground action in gulf war 2.

The evidence is being looked at now, and people just aren’t trusting the FBI on such limited and awful evidence.


Alternate alternate theory, an FBI “informant” from one of the Koreas performed the hack at the FBI’s behest.

How can anyone trust the word of an alphabet agency that creates, then foils its own movie-plot “terror” attacks?

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Это худшее, что об этих военной угрозы пиратства: мало усилий, каждая страна является производным из любой страны может заставить это выглядеть как взломать другу пиратства:

Если мы сможем ответить на подъем взлома войны будет очень легко оправдать все страны.


이 친구 불법 복제에 대한 해킹처럼 보이게 할 수 있습니다, 각 국가가 모든 국가에서 파생 약간의 노력이 이러한 불법 복제의 군사적 위협에 대한 최악의 것입니다 :

우리는 모든 국가를 정당화하는 것은 매우 쉬운 것입니다 전쟁을 해킹의 상승에 응답 할 수있는 경우.


This guy may look like a hack for piracy, each country will be the worst of the military threat of piracy little effort derived from all these countries:

If we can not respond to the rise of hacking the war it is very easy to justify all countries.


Such is the state of the world.

Yet, my mother-in-law gave everyone special markers that can be used to black-out personal information in your mail “so you don’t need to use a shredder.”

Next year… buggy whips?

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Have you guys considered the simplest explanation? Namely: the movie about Seth Rogen and James Franco being hired by the CIA to kill Kim Jong-un is actually part of a CIA plot to hire Seth Rogen and James Franco to kill Kim Jong-un?



You created, and I see that place.

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