Amanda Gorman's inspiring Inauguration Day poem banned in Florida

I dunno, DeSantis won his non-gerrymandered race 60-40. And by then he was a known quantity, they knew exactly what they were voting for.

And yet:

While this is a larger margin than some other populous states, it isn’t a landslide by any means, and desantis is burning through political capital at an accelerated rate as people start realizing the legend just might be larger than the man after all.


Too bad Trump didn’t write it. :grin:

Another way to describe the insurmountable, already-lost-so-no-reason-to-try, complete control Desantis has in Florida, Biden got more votes in Florida than Desantis:

Desaster in 2018 got 4.1 million votes
Biden in 2020 got 5.3 million votes
Meatball in 2022 got 4.6 million votes

yep, it’s all over. We should just give up and go home. /s


hurricane ian definitely affected the vote as well. across florida the gop had been making it more difficult to vote, but then de santis lifted those restrictions differentially for republican leaning areas after the storm

things like the number of polling places, voter roll purges, and the work done to stop ex-felons from voting all helped to tilt things too


The hurricane hurt turnout and also the dems were running Charlie Crist, a life-long republican that wasn’t very good the first time he was the governor. His pitch was that he’s right of center, but not an extremist.

On top of the voter suppression, it’s no surprise that very few people were eager to vote for Crist


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