Amanda Gorman's inspiring Inauguration Day poem banned in Florida

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Or at least would be, if only the author were a SWM. :face_vomiting:


Notice how a (ridiculous) complaint from a single parent can cancel such inspirational works whereas numerous parents complaining that desantis blather (“causes confusion and indoctrination”) would not be thus cancelled. That is, “giving parents control over what their kids are exposed to” give-me-a-break!


Also worth noting that Daily Salinas is a fascist who hangs out with Proud Boys.


Has anyone asked to have “The Art of the Deal” banned?

While generally open minded people are against book banning, perhaps a point could be made.


I am singularly amazed by the people who continue to fight for education and access to literature in Florida. I say this without snark; they show a degree of fortitude I do not believe I would have. I truly believe the battle is lost there, and those can leave, should. The majority seems to have spoken, and they say they want their kids coddled and ignorant.


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Klanned Karenhood.
(I got that :arrow_up: from Slacktivist)


We can’t give an inch of ground (even FL), as it will mean that they can get a larger toe-hold to total control. We can not abandon those who are there and are stuck. Yes, people should leave if they need to, but people who can stay and fight should do so as well.


Agree with Mindysan. And if you ARE staying, you fight back by objecting to every right-wing book a school puts forth for students. Because they’re not just banning these books, but pushing their own in place of them. Bury your local school district in paperwork.


We cannot take that attitude. Conceding territory to the fascists only encourages them to take more. And there are far too many folks for whom leaving is just not an option. Once more, into the breach, dear vid!


Is De Santis actually hoping to have something wind up in front of the Supreme Court in the hopes of them deciding that First Amendment protections only apply if you’re white and christian? Because he sure seems to be violating the 1st at every opportunity he can think of.


Fuck no! The reason they are resorting to gerrymandering, book banning, stochastic terrorism, and (soon quite frankly) actual terrorism, is because they are losing, big time. Winners don’t do this: winners smirk and patronizingly let the losers tilt at windmills because they don’t stand a chance. Losers try to hide all evidence of their weakness.

They are desperate. They are losing, and they know it. They can and must be opposed at every turn. They will try to burn everything down if they can’t have it all. We must not let them.


Personally I see this as a lost opportunity for some beautiful malicious compliance:

“After careful consideration, Bob Graham Education Center has decided that The Hills We Climb by Oprah Winfrey will not be available to elementary students. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.”


Everyone pushing for book bans is a far-right activist. Knowingly or unknowingly.


Majority you say?

Do not confuse loud gerrymandering bigots with the will of the people. Because it ain’t so.


One should also not assume that that unaffiliated 28% is automatically on our side.

Most of them lean left on most issues. But not all. Some of them are old school republicans who left the party over Trump. Some are so far left that voting Democratic is a compromise they aren’t willing to make. Some are extremely Catholic Latine folks who generally side with the Democrats but can’t vote for a pro choice candidate.

Would be nice if we maybe tried to win some of them over, instead of just hoping the other side alienates them enough to vote out of spite instead of just staying home.


No one said that. But writing off entire state is not an option. This is where the fight exists, and where our energies need to be spent to correct course. NONE of these states are solid red and many of them can be flipped. Most importantly, they are ALL filled with people who do not deserve what is happening in their states. Even people who have traditionally voted for the GOP.


Wow, pull out the bingo card.

Not only basically “I can’t be an antisemite, I have Jewish friends”, also a new one on me, “I can’t be an antisemite, I watch Israeli shows”