Watch inaugural poet Amanda Gorman's TED talk about the political power of poetry

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Papasan circa 1976


She is 22, will be 23 soon, and the talk was just over 2 years ago, so she was 20 (in fact close to 21) when she gave the talk, not 18 as one might conclude from the OP.

Not to take anything away from her - I was absolutely blown away by her performance (and her words) at the inauguration. But it’s really not hard to get these facts straight.


She is a force of nature. I was watching the inauguration and when she stepped forward to deliver her speech I was immediately enthralled by what she was saying but mostly how she was saying it. This is weaponized poetry, unlike anything I know except maybe rap.

If she’s a-coming by god just please get out of her way.


Truly the most moving and memorable part of the inauguration. I found it very hard to get choked up about returning moderate rule to the country even in the wake of an unhinged presidency, but her poem was sincerely moving. Hopefully she can wield her power for everybody struggling under a government captured by money and indifferent to their plights.


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