Amazing beatboxer Tom Thum Beatboxer extraordinaire Tom Thum performs at TEDxSydney. I’d love to see a duet of Thum and Michael Winslow of Police Academy fame, seen in the video below. READ THE REST

pshaw! I didn’t hear any Tuvan throat singing in there.

head to head with beardyman … its the only fair competition …


Yeah. The others are good but beardyman is excellent. This dude against beardyman at high noon.

TED is such a joke.

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How does this video reinforce that impression you have of TED?

Because this: would never happen at TED: Ideas Worth Appropriating.

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This guy has a lot of talent, but no style. Beardyman has been doing the exact same thing for years.

• Start out a capella, to prove to the audience that you can do the tricks with no external effects.

• Do drum’n’bass, house, electro, and other EDM beats that “buck the genre” of traditional hip-hop.

• Explain yourself for a few minutes, use non-sequitors, be funny.

• Head behind the KAOSS pads and construct loops using your voice.

• To be “edgy” switch to a totally anachronistic style, like jazz or classical.

Beardyman created that performance template, refined it, and has now transcended it IMO. This guy, while very good, is copying wholesale what made Beardyman his career. He should invest some time and energy coming up wtih ways to entertain and astonish audiences uniquely.

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He’s no Reggie Watts but I thought he was entertaining enough.


but not rahzel yet.

The first Beardyman experience of mine was brilliant. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did: How To Cook a Beat.

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Here’s what I was talking about:


It’s so horrendously sad that Beardyman will never play here in Oz :cry:


Where’s the hambone?

I thought the didgeridoo was pretty close.

This guy has terrible timing. His tempo is all over the place.

Yep, he’s ripping on Beardyman wholesale here, 2xKaoss pads and all! And what’s with recording all his one-hits before playing on the pads? Beardyman used to do this completely seamlessly, no breaks. Not very original, even if he is technically proficient. I mean, he even throws down Billie Jean, prolly THE most tired example to beatbox in the history of beatboxing.

Let me know when he surpasses the Beardytron 5000 MKII (which will be never).

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