Amazing dioramas of NYC storefronts

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They are fucking beautiful. And the Mars Bar looks like my kinda place.


LookED like your kind of place. Past tense.

Because the planned new one where they built the condos is striving to be a juice bar. Really.

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There are certain things that I associate with unpleasant childhood experiences. Dodgeball is one of them. Dioramas are another. I hated having to make those damn things for school.

Well, fuck. Colour me unsurprised.

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Hey, @noahdjango and @chgoliz what storefront do you think this guy should make next?

If it were up to me I miss the old Gordon’s Novelties on Broadway and 22nd:

What a thing to see zigzag records, a tiny place in the deepest unhip depths of Brooklyn on the boingboing front page. One stop shop for used cds, rare bootlegs and black band tees… Long gone now. RIP

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uhhhhhh… the…


I don’t believe it. Need kitten for scale or something.

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Oh, fuck me. I knew it had been torn down for condos but relaunching it as a juice & quinoa bar is the most comically misguided branding imaginable.

(I spent more total time there throughout the 80s and 90s than any other establishment anywhere.)

Edit: Yonah Shimmel’s isn’t gone, is it?

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