Amazing snail facts




First thing I thought about was Magritte: Ceci n’est pas une escargot, “This is not a snail”


The link didn’t show it, but here’s proof:

Interestingly though–this guy (Papustyla pulcherrima):

Manages to look almost identical via actual shell color. I think.


Fascinating. I wondered if there was a reason why Papustyla pulcherrima might be imitating Beddomea albizonatus–my first thought was that it would be a way of deterring predators, like the viceroy butterfly. But one’s found in Sri Lanka and the other’s found in New Guinea, so maybe it’s just a coincidence.


It’s interesting that the snail’s body inside the shell is green - yet the actual bits outside the shell are still kinda brown coloured.


Yep. That’s why I went looking for an image of the shell–it just didn’t seem right.

I guess, since in some ways the shell “is” the skin of the snail (it can’t live without it) it’s more the insides of the snail causing the color?

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