Amazing working paper model of a V6 engine


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Environmentally friendly, sure, but what kind of range would it have?


Miles to the ream?


FYI the “Continue the discussion” button at the bottom of the story seems to link back to the story itself, not to this topic on the forum. I found this topic to post by going through the topic list.


It’s a special thread Steve, that barrier is to weed out the insincere.

EDIT: Link worked for me. Sorry for the flag, mods.


It’s working my end.


As the actress said to the bishop.


The headline’s incorrect, maybe someone’s just trying to be a wiseguy. The engine in the video is an early '80s LH7 that GM produced for their X-body line (such as the Oldsmobile Omega, IIRC)


Sez here the LH7 is a V6, so I don’t understand the problem.


Right, it is an LH7. Whoever wrote the headline said it’s a paper model of a V6.

Did you never drive one of these things?


This guy’s effin with me, right? :smile:


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