Amazon has been quietly selling its facial recognition system to US police forces, marketing it for bodycam use


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Well, to be fair, at no time did Amazon have the phrase “Don’t be evil.” in its corporate motto.


Just a thought experiment here…

What if there was a statute that made NDAs about warrantless mass surveillance unenforceable and void ab initio?


It would be easy to get indignant about this, but you know what, the cat is out of the bag. If civilian cops are using this, then you can be assured that the FBI, NSA, DEA, ATF, ICE, TSA, SS, and Homeland Security, etc. have already deployed this. And the Gordian Knot of domestic spying becomes the Orwellian Noose…


To do that Congress would have to actually pass some legislation… Ha ha ha haha… I suppose in some bizarro world the SCOTUS could step in, but contemplating that notion from current configuration of SCOTUS causes even more laughter from me…


Given that all our phone conversations are being stored in perpetuity in Nevada, it is time to admit that we are all persons of interest.


And just to remind everyone: the Internet is still in its infancy! Just imagine what nightmare systems, apps and tangentially-related automation will be around, say, 75 years from now. Yep, it’s a full force race to the bottom. Strap in, 'cause we got a ways to go yet.


Aw, bless your sweet heart; you really think that the internet (or people) will still be around in 75 years.

At the rate we’re going, with Captain Crazypants and all his enabling asskissers driving the ship?

The pessimist in me thinks we’ll be lucky if we last another 50 years, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the grid perma-fails long before that.


To do all that, the LEOs would have to chuck quite a few bucks at bitbarns like, oh, I don’t know, AWS? But that’s probably just a coincidence.

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On the bright side we might at least see more police forces actually using bodycams.

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…that devolves into piteous weeping.


The Verge has an interesting take on this.

The article points out that Amazon has NOT submitted their system for public testing, which more often that not finds recognition fails (and false positives increase) for minorities and women.

Not a good sign.

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