Amazon mails customer conveyor belt roller instead of gift




They screw up, but expect the customer to pay for it? Pretty poor customer service, if you ask me. But then again, maybe they’re just starting to treat their customers like they treat their employees.


As it was an unsolicited item, her only obligation is to inform Amazon that she doesn’t want it and that they have a reasonable time to arrange for collection at their expense or she can dispose of it or keep it as a gift.


Is she sure the item was purchased from Amazon and not from a reseller through Amazon?

My experience with Amazon customer support has always been top notch and I don’t think it’s their practice to charge their customers for returns. If she made the purchase from a reseller through Amazon, it’s possible Amazon customer support really has no clue what she’s talking about.


“Also, since @amazon has no earthly idea what they sent us instead of a chicken book, debating what I should actually send them back.”



I once toured the warehouse of a book distributor. As the guy was showing us around bragging about how automated everything was and how that eliminated almost all mistakes I saw a book fall out of one of the batches rolling along the conveyor belt. I pointed it out. He said, “Oh, yeah, that happens all the time. Somebody’ll find it and they can scan the barcode and it’ll go to the right customer in a separate package.”

It didn’t exactly inspire confidence that he didn’t consider that a “mistake”.


It’s the original iPhone battery, fully charged and everything! I’d love to have it!


And it’s green energy, too!


If Amazon demands their roller back, she should send them a book on chickens.


So meta.


Would this qualify as ‘New Aesthetic’? I think so!


But how fast did she get it?


I went to the grand opening of the fancy (then) new Rem Koolhaas designed main branch of the Seattle Public Library. On walking in the lower (4th ave?) door, there’s a conveyor device that carries books up to the main floor from the lower desk. As we were entering, there were a few books stuck (on the ceiling, mind you) splayed open as the still-turning conveyor ripping pages out one by one and raining them down on everyone.


Sounds festive


I would hope that on the second day, the conveyer belt had been permanently fixed


That roller actually looks like a pretty useful piece of hardware. Giant chunk of urethane presumably on bearings? Probably worth more than most chicken books…

I bet there are dozens of clever ways that a conveyor roller could be repurposed.

Sign me up for a few Amazon!


Shades of Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End…


The owner of my local record store does not pull such shenanigans and he does not screw his workers out of unpaid time spent waiting in line for security checks. I feel much better about buying from him instead of Amazon, even if I have to wait a few more days.


send them a chicken!


This is so amazingly interesting!