Amazon sells own-brand mystery motor oil now, and this guy tested it

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Mystery Oil?

Accept no substitutes!


I play this game with off-label Trader Joes and Costco Single Malt Scotch. But instead of test tubes, I use my gullet.


That’s especially useful for antique cars that were built for leaded fuel, assuming that you can’t retrofit valves and seats that can withstand unleaded.

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Yeah I assumed from the title that it was sold as a clone of Marvel Mystery Oil rather than just a generic synthetic oil.

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Ah Slig oil—the sweetest oil this side of heaven.

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There probably aren’t that many labs mixing motor oil. Last I researched there were 2 places that made auto/marine batteries and a whole lot of labels?


There’s a derelict blending plant not far from me:

(not my photo, I’ve not been inside)

“…perhaps the most alarming mystery…”


Sleuthing is good and all, but the manufacturer information is shown multiple times in the video. 1:20, 2:04, 2:35…

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