Amazon ads for mystery junk defy explanation

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It is agreed those are quite awesome, at least in terms of design.


We have them at our house. I think they work as well as most ladles, but they don’t quite sit at the bottom of the pot the way I would want them to (obvs you want it to appear as if they are swimming in your soup).

I think my wife did indeed find them in Amazon Interesting Finds. And if she didn’t she definitely found these there:


Apparently not - read the reviews!

It seems they cannot stand up as pictured - they topple over - they are remarkably tiny, and they float which ruins the whole design.

I keep planning to bang a couple out on the anvil, but so far I’ve never gotten a Round Tuit.


From the linked article:
UPDATE: A reader has written in to The Outline to report sightings of mysterious Amazon ads. " I had just been thoroughly confused by an entire stack of amazon ads on Instagram and screenshotted them to show my wife," said a tipster, who request anonymity for fear of retaliation from the Amazon Ad Illuminati. “I thought the randomness of them meant that my attempts at “do not track,” using duck duck go, etcetera had started to thoroughly confuse the algorithms and was quite pleased, apparently it’s a bigger phenomenon.” Wow. This just might be even crazier than we initially thought.

I don’t think so, but I really, really hope he is right about confusing the algorithms.

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Pffft, mystery solved in three words: Steganography.

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