A gallery of regrettable online purchases


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To be fair, the mug is exactly as advertised.


I see the problem there - no belt!



(and…the laziest comment I’ve ever entered)

Also, no houses?


Most of this seems to be the result of not looking at the fine print

“The aforementioned item is sold in Smurf, Liliputian, or Tyrion Lannister sizes”.


I’d totally buy this one:

It’s the cutest little pattern!


I seem to recall a couple of TV shows, one in the mid-'80’s and another in the early '90’s, that exposed these and other scams.

Neither show seemed to last all that long, probably due to a lack of advertising.


Those pjs are rad! What’s she complainin’ about?


Um I need those jammies pronto.

Also I’ve seen the Christmas mug before and it never fails to crack me up.


I wouldn’t buy a temperature changing christmas mug but I might buy a mug decorated with the illustration used to demonstrate one. :laughing:


Cat backpack FTW!


The cat might regret it, but I wouldn’t. Not for one moment. :crying_cat_face: :heart_eyes_cat:


Tiny kids.


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