Photo gallery of retail disappointment

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I laughed too hard at this.


I MUST HAZ that sweater for my m00bs!!!

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I love that last one. Completely different body type, lean and tall vs. the definition of frumpy.

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Seems like a lot of them are disappointed they bought the wrong size. I mean, maybe you shouldn’t expect a jumpsuit to make you taller and leaner.


The subtitle says it all: “Christmas Ebaying”. I’d be willing to bet that 95% of the epic fails are a result of buying from Chinese merchants. A few of them provide excellent service and value, but a larger number play very fast and loose with the quality of what they actually ship, and ebay’s rules make it difficult to get your money back without incurring extra fees.


Maybe with this particular example they could begin by pulling the sweater all of the way down - like in the publicity photo, rather than keeping rolls of excess fabric tucked up underneath the chin. It is also probably a case of “not the right size for the wearer,” as well.


I wonder if she was going for a “the mitts are on my bewbs fer easy gropin” joke and not “look how different this is from what I ordered.”


Whatever happen to this dude?

I’ve seen a lot of reviews like that on the Christmas tree I bought, and it’s always that they didn’t fan and fluff the branches. Of course it’s gonna look like Charlie Brown’s reject if you don’t fan out the branches!

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That might be a little too on point for our President-Elect.

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