SkyMall parody better than the real thing



Only slightly…and I think Skymall kind of wins on price.

Wait, how can Mellivora capensis not want a condo pony? Short little legs, meaty body, nutritious and flavorful - what’s not to like, eh?

I guess the rest of the stuff isn’t really in your line, though.

This is so much fun. I saw something similar… holy crap has it been 30 years?


i always loved this skymall parody:

When you shed as much as I do, you have bigger concerns:

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You beat me to it. I love that book! I was 12 when someone gave my parents a copy (don’t think they dug it, much).

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I once saw a gold-plated French Revolution-style cigar guillotine in a Sky Mall catalog. I don’t know if the maker of them had no sense of irony or a delicious one, but either way it struck me at the time as something beyond parody.

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There was a Rule34 version of the LLBean catalog shortly after “Items from…” came out – well before either the intarwebz or Rule34 itself existed. Sadly, by the time I heard about it, that issue of whatever skin mag was off the shelves. I was going to get one for, you know, bibliographic references.


Holy hell, if such a thing existed it should become scripture!

I would so buy the histories greatest speeches Karaoke

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I hope somebody is printing these out and leaving them on planes.


Along with these?


Are you sure it was a skin mag? Because National Lampoon did an L.L. Bean parody catalog in a magazine some time in the early 80’s. There were some boobs and I didn’t get the jokes.

The personality alert bracelet is going to be a thing. I’m going to the engraving shop and getting one soon. Maybe an allergy one that says “Assholes”. So many funny possibilities.


Damn, beat me to it. I had to pipe up because like my future bracelet will warn A-HOLE.

(I could have also mentioned that I was well into my 30s before I finally saw an LL Bean catalog and got the joke. Items from… was just that funny on its own.)

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