Celebrate Skymall's demise by watching this classic David Cross standup



Yknow who needs Time Mug? Dr Who does.


Celebrate? I’ll miss it, it provides endless amusement and WTF moments.


Check out the new rhinestone collection. Pure class! https://www.timemug.com/


I got a timemug with an eon hand.


Like many David Cross bits, this starts off funny and then goes off the rails in a painfully unfunny direction. This comedian is best when scripted, ala Arrested Development.


Well, a couple months ago I invented a mug that lets you travel through time. I was just about to mass-produce it for sale. But if the Time-Mug trademark is already taken, then I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Sorry, folks!

I’ll just leave this here.

SkyMall by Jonathan Coulton: http://youtu.be/4bBT14dxAOo


Dammit! I KNEW should have bought that big-ass thousand-dollar Tiki head on my last flight!

My one thought while perusing Sky Mall was always “there is NOTHING in here that I need”.

SkyMall: For those times when capitalism plus raving stupidity wasn’t quite enough to get me to buy something. Because really, who could resist Time Mug? It’s “100% dishwasher safe time-telling drinkware, TimeMug features innovative, high-end construction for ease of use and long-lasting benefit.”
I wonder, was it necessary for SkyMall copy writers to commit hari-kari upon their hundredth submission, or do they simply do it out of overwhelming sadness and despair?

They’re freaking out of the stainless modern godammit, I was so just about to order one

We all loved Skymall, yet how many people do you know who actually ordered from there?

My wealthy boss fell in love with a wind-proof umbrella ad in Skymall and asked me to order a dozen of them. They were backordered a few times and 6 months passed and we never got them, but they managed to charge his credit card three times. Was never able to get anyone on the phone to handle this, but eventually got fully refunded and that’s when the umbrellas finally arrived, but they weren’t anything like what was advertised. Wrong size, wrong color and not wind-proof.

This is how you go bankrupt.

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