Amazon used "security" to sell Ring doorbells, then blamed customers when hackers broke into them

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Idk that I would consider using a compromised username/password some schmuck found online from some other companies weak security as “hacking”. One could just as easily equate this headline to, Kensington sells “security” to homeowners, blames them when they leave their keys in front of their house

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“Your privacy is our number one priority!” - Chuck B.

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If Netflix can send me a ‘a new device logged into your account’ notification, surely Ring can do the same?


An article posted on boingboing today has 3 affiliate links to Amazon products. Just thought it was worth noting.


Maybe, but security isn’t their primary focus. Like many companies, they’re looking at tech as a way to sell convenient solutions to problems (real or created ones). When the inevitable security problems are revealed to the public, they’ll always find ways to excuse it.

Consumers have made it clear they are willing to accept the risks and keep using things that aren’t secure or safe, because they want convenience. Companies might make some improvements if sales drop. They might also make changes to increase sales of “next generation” models advertised to do what should’ve been done from the beginning. Whether or not they’ll deliver what they promise is another question.

The Property Brothers say it’s a fact: we all love video doorbells.

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