Amazon's secret deals with cops gave corporate PR a veto over everything the cops said about their products

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“No thanks, Ossifer, I don’t need privacy-destroying camera today. But since you’re shilling for Amazon, I would take some toilet paper and the something good from the sci-fi new releases…”


But what’s to prevent a cop from shooting Amazon’s corporate PR director in the head, and then saying that he was “afraid” at the time, and therefore suffering no consequences whatsoever. Think about that Amazon managers.

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I read the headline and my first thought was “well, that’s some bad negotiating”. So at least there’s this:

Unfortunately, while Boca Raton might have done this, I bet many other departments didn’t.


It saddens me that my local police department has a contract with Ring. Sorry, surveillance state, I’m not going to help you.

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Corporations are you friends.

Marketing is how your friend, the corporation, interacts with the wold around them. Their mouth, if you will. Their big flappy mouth.

You wouldn’t want to silence your friend, would you?

Or beat it to death with a shovel and bury in in the woods for bears to find?

You better not, because your friend is watching everything thanks to its extra special good friend, Mr. Po Po.

Now everybody do the happy dance! Do it…


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I remember back in the 70s a series of tire ads where they had a state trooper advocating for the safety of some brand’s tires but because they had an obligation to not take sides or promote a specific product they all wore masks to hide their faces.

it baffles me that agreements with private companies can somehow supercede public records laws. i’m guessing the companies know that those parts of the agreement wouldn’t pass muster, and also that no one is likely to challenge it.


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