Amazon's illegal drug trade


Citizens of BoingBoing, I come from the future, to sate your curiosity of how this will all resolve itself!

They pay a small fine. (Well, it looks large to any one of us, but compared to what they made off the practice, very small)

Impossible! The justice system is blind, and will treat this corporation as harshly as any petty thug. Also, building a jail big enough to hold Amazon will create many good union jobs!

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And of course, all of the links in the article are 404ing now. Hrmph. I’m presuming these were all products being offered by third party stores THROUGH Amazon (as hinted by the package arriving for the author’s wife from Thailand), not specifically from Amazon itself? I know that this doesn’t absolve Amazon from responsibility, they should know what vendors are selling through their store, but it sounds more like a problem of “Amazon doesn’t do a very good job of policing its marketplace sellers” than a problem of “OMG AMAZON SELLS DRUGS YOU GUYS”. See also: counterfeit electronics.

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