America divided into states with the population of California


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What did Washington and Oregon do to deserve that?!



Here’s the map with existing state borders:

Thanks for the reminder.


You couldn’t do better than “Windy” for the Plains and Great Lakes states? How about “Coldenwindee”? Or “Snowindy”? “Rustendwindy”?


Give me genuine federalism and I will decamp to Libertariarghaburgville immediately.


They should embrace it and annoy the right wing at the same time.


I didn’t see your map.

I kid. I kid.


Which is to say, if we allow ourselves a crudely democratic understanding of what representative democracy should be, there would only be 16 senators in a Senate that fairly represented people living in California.

That’s disingenuous. We have the house of representatives for that. It isn’t exactly proportional, but that’s the goal.


As every good loyalist knows, the most profoundly proportional number of representatives is 1.


As a cartographer, I make a marvelous call girl.


I would move to Fresh England if it had less fresh powder.


Looks good to me. Ship it.


I’ve been calling myself a Socialist-Libertarian/Libertarian Socialist for quite some time, to tick people off (I don’t think it’s worked). But I didn’t know that it actually existed. At least not consciously.


As a native Washingtonian, I hate it but have to admit that it is incredibly accurate.


Left-libertarian is probably the default state for most Europeans who consider themselves libertarian.

If anything, it’s odd to European libertarians that American ones are so fastidious about freedom from the state, but play dumb when it comes to capital. But of course to American ones, corporations are people, my friend.

The libertarian problem the world over is one akin to religion and J.R.R. Tolkien: they read one big book when they’re just a little too young and it fills them so completely they never need to read another.


It’s amazing how often I forget about Rhode Island.


It is exactly the substance of “The Great Compromise”




LOL HELL. Here be allegaters and reli-extremists.