Let's Split! is an atlas of separatism, national identity, and fringe geopolitical movements


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I’ve been playing Europa Universalis, in which all those duchies and bishoprics are right there on the map. Central Asia is amazing; it’s filled with nations I’ve never heard of. I wonder is these are the “tribes” we hear about, but do not understand today?


which iteration?


IV the latest.


I liked 2. I tried really hard to get into 3, but try as I might, too much was going on


This looks awesome! I wonder if this covers the numerous attempts to split up US states:

ETA: Well, the flags of Jefferson and Cascadia are on the cover so I’d have to assume it does in some detail at least.


I would love to read this, perhaps I will try to borrow a copy via ILL. It honestly puzzles me who so many people and groups are reluctant to devise and use their own societal structures, while impotently complaining about those of others. So many people seem to be naive populists who are mainly concerned about how many others think and act as they do. Strategies with no hope of fairness or success are settled for, only so long as a few million others are along for the ride.

As Westerners, it’s all too easy for us to sit in judgment as chaotic events in other parts of the world are blipped onto our screens, then summarily dismissed.

How are “we” Westerners? The publisher of the book and BB itself are in California, of the Americas. When people speak of “the West” in cultural terms, they tend to mean Western Europe, rather than the west coast of other continents.


I hope it includes Superior.


I love these never-were political entities and even alt-history tellings of their existence for some reason. I’ve played games like Victoria II where modders have made maps of the alternate national boundaries and identities that you can play out.

I think the appeal is that they’re different from the mundane norm and the emptiness of details surrounding how they might have functioned get filled in by the imagination with interesting details rather than realistic ones.


Texas keeps threatening to secede. I hope they succeed.


I do also, followed by the other 49.


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