America is crazy when it comes to drugs




And it’s because more and more users of weed are affluent, older white men, (especially in really the states that have legalized it, which are all more white than average in the US) that we’re finally starting to legalize it.


The joys of being in power.


Sad that Florida didn’t pass, from what I understand there was a conservative ad push to not legalize, due to it “protecting dealers”.

I personally believe marijuana staves off old age diseases such as Parkinsons. We shall see more change in the right direction of legalization in states like Florida.


“Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is behind 85 percent of Florida’s anti-pot campaign”


What’s his fucking problem?


If I had to guess, maybe stoned people don’t spend their time (and money) gambling?


You know, you’re right. It’s almost a potential therapeutic use of cannabis.


Yup. Being a white male technocrat’s a pretty sweet gig. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it.


I was thinking, it’s because casinos aren’t really in the business of selling entertainment, but instead heavily rely on booze. All of the games sell themselves to capacity. The main factor in a casino’s profit margin that the casino itself can control is how hard they pour booze down their patron’s throats in order to keep them making very bad decisions while increasing impulsive behaviors and decreasing inhibitions.

I’m thinking that casino tycoons are pretty cozy with alcohol vendors, distillers and distributors, and if these owners didn’t raise a stink, they might end up missing out on some enormously profitable deals they could otherwise have made with their buddies in the ethanol industries.

I mean, if I bought a few hundred gallons of “Thoughtless Gentleman Brand Potable Drinking Whiskey” for my business every week, I’d probably be very interested in building a good business rapport with the people over at Thoughtless Gentleman. And we can all pretty much assume the booze industry is unhappy about the increasing popular support for cannabis because we all know if weed is legal, there’s going to be less money going to booze, generally. We have such a small market for legal intoxicants, that the big players are essentially in a position of oligopoly.


I picked this thing up from the comments at the end of that article:

“His objection is that his wife owns drug rehabs in florida. The courts force fill her pockets with drug offenders. Pot is her main income”


Sigh. Sounds just like the bad ol’ Florida we all know and hate. Way to be the towering inferno of the south.

I work with a guy who grew up in Florida. He joined the navy when he turned 18. He says he felt safer doing EOD for 2 years, than any stretch of time living there. I’m starting to believe him.


Ugh. That’s even worse.

Honestly, who’d be a billionaire. Look at the sordid lives they lead.


Wow, if true, that’s just sick and corrupt. He’s hoping in a couple years there’s another attempt to pass legal weed in Florida where the facts about the opposition are heavily featured in the advertising campaign of the legalization camp.


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