America: the spatula


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“Stars and Bars” usually refers to this flag…


I imagine this spatula will be incorporated into some of the kinkier manifestations of U.S. patriotism.


The perfect Citizen Homewarming gift for @beschizza


And I know just where to get one!


Stripes. Like thirteen strips of bacon next to a mostly-blueberry pancake.


That is so 90s. Nowadays I go to a small specialty store that sells the kind of spatula once used by Hemingway,



What says God Bless America better than a Stars and Bars spatula?

A Smith & Wesson?


Yes, it’s Stars and Stripes. BTW I thought using replications of the flag was a no-no and a desecration. That said C&W has exploited it for years.


Needs a patriotic, militaristic slogan.
Like, “THESE COLORS DON’T RUN, though your eggs might.”


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